I accept the listed accommodation agreement
and ask for room reservation


Accommodation agreement

1. the lodging agreement is completed, as soon as the room ordered and
promised or, if a commitment due to time constraints was not possible.
is has been provided.

2. the guest recording contract commits the Contracting Parties to the
Fulfilment of the contract, no matter on how long the contract is closed.

3. the guest host (hotel owner) is obliged, when non-room deployment
the guest to pay damages

4. the guest is obliged, with failure to use of contractual services
price the agreed or customary to pay less by the innkeeper
Expenditures (20% for bed and breakfast).

5. a) the innkeeper is held in good faith, not in claim
taken rooms if possible otherwise to forgive, to avoid outages.

(b) up to the other sins of the room has the guest for the duration of the
Contract the point. 4 calculated amount to be paid.

German Hotel and Restaurant Association




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